Update on leaving Toronto

Hello everyone

Well it’s been a year now since arriving in Toronto and it seems to of flown by and except for the winter seemingly dragging on forever it really has been a great experience. Living right downtown on the harbour front has given Jake and myself the opportunity to make the most of the city.

Once Jake’s citizenship came though he was quickly hired as a personal trainer at a large gym in the city and enjoyed the work although I did think the hours were long being about 12 hours most days, he was highly thought off by his clients and gained more qualifications whilst here but decided to go back to the UK to gain teaching qualifications to enable him to teach PE in schools which he something he has always wanted to do and I know it’s something he will be good at, he’s been back two weeks now and I’ve got a week left out here now before a flying visit to the UK before going out to China to compete in the World Police and Fire Games.

I have loved my time here in Toronto, it’s been great to be closer to family than I’ve been whist working in the UK, and Jake was also able to get friends over for a visit whilst here and show them around the city, another highlight for me was having my daughter come out to visit in April and being able to spend sometime together going to yoga,art galleries, the cinema etc , Jake also loved having his sister here and I’m sure it made him miss home.

I’ve been able to fill my days with running, yoga, and gym as well as exploring the city, I’ve meet some great groups of people though running and yoga communities as well as starting to learn Tai Chi whilst here and will miss these groups when I leave here but I will always return as Toronto is home, maybe not in the winter though, that was long !!

Some of the highlights here have been the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA championship, that was memorable and a big thing here. Also running the Ragnar relay from Cobourg to Niagara Falls over 300 km as part of the Tribe Fitness community, they’ve been great and my running community of choice whilst here, definitely check them out if in Toronto they made some great memories happen.

Well that’s just a brief update on our time here, and with all the running and yoga that I’ve been able to do here I definitely feel ready for the games in China and with four events entered ( Half Marathon, 5000 and 10000 on the track and Cross country) I feel I can get on the podium in my age group ( I’ll let you know how I get on )

Post China I will be back in the UK for awhile until going out to India where I’m looking to spend 6 months traveling and then next year I’m hoping to head back out to California and get back on the PCT ( which has never been far from my mind whilst here ) to finish off what I started last year.

Well that’s enough for now, the next updates won’t be a year apart

Take care all

Chris H

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