After breakfast in Wrightwood where we were joined by Hob who was staying another day there, we hitched a lift back to the trailhead and were back on the PCT by 11, it was quite hot and we had a fair amount of elevation to get to the top of Mount Baden Powell at 9400 ft the highest mountain in this section of the PCT. We pushed on to a campsite afterwards covering about 18 miles even with a late start. The next day was a good mix of elevation ( we always seem to be going either up or down here) but seemed to have more shade thankfully, ending up doing about 25 miles because of an endangered species Detour ( some kind of yellow frog), so were pleased to reach a tent site by about 7 where there were about 8 others camping.
Today was again a day of little shade and lots of elevation change on exposed mountains, so we pushed though the morning from 6 to 12 to make it to a fire station where we could get water and escape the heat from 12 to 3, then hiking to 7 when luckily for us we found a campsite that was not marked on the maps and the only one that was marked was another 5 miles, so that is us for now, about another day and a half to Agua Dulce where we will resupply
Thanks Chris and Jake

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