Little Bear spring camp to Silverwood lake

After Big Bear we camped at Little Bear spring camp, leaving there at 6 we set off for Deep creek hot springs, the going today was pretty good with a fair amount of shade, we made good progress and covered the 23 miles by 6 and found quite a few people already there at the hot springs some had already been there for over a day, it felt great to soak my legs and feet in the hot spring.
The next day we planned to make it to Silverwoods lake again starting out at 6, it was really hot with hardly any shade all day, so nowhere to escape the midday sun like we normally do, so we all found it hard work but arrived at Cleghorn picnic area by 6. We have now passed 300 miles and the miles are going by quickly, it doesn’t seem we’ve been here over two weeks already.
Tomorrow we’re setting out early Cajon pass to get there before it gets too hot, looking forward to getting there as there is a McDonald’s and general store, after a few hours there, we will set out towards Wrightwood which we should make a couple days later.
Speak again soon
Chris and Jake

One thought on “Little Bear spring camp to Silverwood lake

  1. You guys are really doing well. Are you using PCT water report to find which sources still have water? Guess you’ll have to carry a lot after Cajun Pass. All the way to Wrightwood? Good luck xx


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