Nearly 2 weeks in India

It’s coming up to the 2 week mark at Patnem now and in the last week here I have felt myself slow down, weather some of that is me still getting used to the heat and humidity of Goa or becoming a little bit lazy I’m not sure but when I planned the first part of my trip to India it was my intention to chill out for at least the first month anyway, so I think it is part of my restlessness that is making me feel that I should be seeing more of Goa. But I have definitely explored the local area on foot in my time here covering up to 20 k some days and running every other day but only up to 5 k runs at the moment until I acclimatise fully. I managed to find the local golf course and spa during the week which looked quite spectacular and very green but decided not to ask about playing a round as it looked quite exclusive with everyone having their own caddie who also carried an umbrella to keep the sun off the player, I’m more comfortable carrying my own bag and on a public course.

One thing I did notice yesterday while walking along the beach after dinner is how much busier it has got in the last week, it’s gone from literally just a few people on the beach when I arrived to hundreds now, probably about 50% of them Indians with their families and about 50% European ( Germans, Dutch, Spanish, and British) and Israel’s who this seems like a popular destination for, some of the older Brits have come out here for six months to escape the British winter. The locals are still busy finishing off the huts along the beach and there are new places to eat opening up every day now.

Slowing down the pace of life here has given me lots of time to think about the rest of my time here in India and what to do after Kerala where I have booked accommodation for November, I’m thinking of a week in Mysore then Bangalore for perhaps a week before heading over to Chennai ( formally Madras) and looking at the possibility of going over to the Andaman Islands ( part of India) which would mean about 4 days by boat from Chennai which I’m sure would be quite an experience but this is all flexible at the moment and I want to keep my options open in case I decide to stay longer in certain places, also thinking about a trek in Nepal towards the end of March early April as I have now meet 2 people who have done the Annapurna circuit and have recommended it ( one guy just before I left Toronto and one guy here who did it last year) but it will take a fair bit of planning yet so it can wait for now, I initially thought I’d like to visit Everest base camp but Annapurna goes higher and looks more scenic.

Just took a break to watch Kipchoge run a marathon in under 2 hours, Amazing achievement , I hope I’m around to see someone do it in a race.

After a run this morning ( up early to beat the heat) and breakfast at the Karma cafe ( smoothie bowl and masala chia, feel I’ve been lacking in green veg so this was excellent) on the way back I stopped to admire a brand new Royal Enfield ( still made in India and very popular) it turns out it belonged to the man who rents out Micky’s room’s son who had won it in a lottery ( not a bad prize), I had recently read a book about a woman who flown out to India, bought a Royal Enfield and rode it around India,Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia,New Zealand, South America, Central America, the States and finished up in Toronto and flying the bike back to the UK, quite an adventure!

So I think that’s pretty much it from here this week, I may look into getting a little further a field in Goa next week but we’ll see how it goes, think I’m getting used to the laid back beach lifestyle.

Just for for a walk along the beach

Take Care. Until next time


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