LA to San Francisco

We left LA about 11 with the intention of getting as much mileage done as possible that day and as close to San Francisco as we could,in the end we did the 400 or so miles by 1900 ( with a few short breaks)and were in the hotel we had booked when we relized that we might as well get there that day, we had booked into a hotel near the airport which turned out to be much nicer than staying in the city where we had stayed previously.
We are both feeling a lot better than we did when we came off the PCT, this week of rest and better diet has really helped, although I found myself thinking about our time on the PCT whilst driving from LA and wanting to go back and complete the sections that we have left to do, perhaps next year or the year after.(So the PCT experience hasn’t put me off )
Arriving in San Francisco earlier than expected I relized that I could do the park run there on Saturday morning, so was able to print off my barcode on the hotel printer and set off early for Crissy Park, after initially going to the wrong location and relizing it wasn’t there, managed to find it with time to spare.
It was mostly British tourists among the 250 runners there and got speaking to a family from Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire, I’m glad I made the effort,although I’m still getting my running legs back,it felt good and the 3 miles is the furthest I’ve run since before starting our hike.
Jake has been enjoying using the gym and is busy trying to put the weight he lost on the PCT back on ( I think he must of lost about 2 stone altogether)
We’ve got a couple of days left here before flying back to Toronto on Monday via Calgary.
Will speak again soon
Take care
Chris and Jake

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