San Francisco

Hello Everyone
We arrived in San Francisco after making our way down into Yosemite valley where we were able to catch an an afternoon bus into Merced then an Amtrak for a 3 hour ride to San Francisco arriving about 2100 at the hotel we had booked while on the train. We were both pleased to be able to get cleaned up and then found a small Turkish restaurant nearby that did really good food.
San Francisco came as a bit of a shock to the system after being on the PCT for 2 months and we were both overwhelmed by it. It had always been somewhere that I wanted to visit but on arriving it felt like any other big city, I had never seen so many homeless people in any other city I have been too.
We did a few of the touristy things whilst here such as visit Fishersmans Wharf and Piers ( Alcatraz tour was full) but we both really wanted to get out of the city. We got things done we needed such as buy some non trail clothes and new shoes ( ours really needed throwing away) and had some good food while there.
Unfortunately our plan of renting a campervan fell through as everywhere we tried was booked up as it is the height of the summer holiday, so have booked a car from the airport and escaped the city and currently traveling along the coast on route 1
We will update again soon
Take care Chris and Jake

One thought on “San Francisco

  1. Aw – so sorry to hear about the campervan! Hope you have a fab time anyways – I always fancied San Francisco too so sad to hear its a disappointment. Did you ‘do’ golden gate bridge? Love to you both and hoping you have an awesome time – x x x


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