Bishop to Mammoth

Hello all
We have finally made it to Mammoth and are currently relaxing in motel 6
That section of the sierras was tough, 5 of us started off from Bishop ( Hanna Montana, Pitstop, Iceman, Maverick and Goose) We got back to the trailhead at 1600 and had 8 miles to the PCT, we covered about 6 miles before setting up camp for the evening and then rejoining the PCT the day after.
This section contains a lot of high passes of 12000 ft so days were spent ascending and descending the mountains, after 3 days Jake and myself decided to do less mileage per day as we felt we were crashing the miles too quickly and missing the Sierras, so 5 became 2 and we hiked 15 to 18 miles each day.
River crossings were also a feature of this section with snow still melting above some were running pretty fast, as we got to one that we had wade through we were being attacked by mosquitoes so quickly removed shoes and socks and started through, on reaching the other side I heard Jake shout and turned to see his trekking poles disappear down the river, that
we could cope with but 10 seconds later his shoes went the same way as I looked on horrified from the bank, luckily once Jake had got to the bank I set off downstream and spotted one shoe about 1/4 mile downstream on the other side caught on a log, then the other shoe a little further down on this side so was able recover them, losing our only shoes here would of been a problem. Latter that day we made it to Vermillion valley resort and decided to spend a day there and were able to watch the England game before getting back to the trail and over yet another pass before getting into Mammoth today which takes us too over 900 miles
Will update before leaving Mammoth
Thanks Maverick and Goose

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