It was 9.5 miles from our campsite to the road where we could hitch into Tehachapi where we planned to resupply and stay the night. We arrived in Tehachapi about 10 o’clock after being joined by another hiker named Derick while waiting for a lift we got a lift from a woman who helps out maintaining the PCT and gave us a quick tour of Tehachapi on the way in. We all ended up booking into the Best Western hotel there for the night, I hadn’t relized that it had been two weeks since I had last slept in a bed in Wrightwood, the fact that there was also an outdoor pool was nice, after getting cleaned up and doing the washing, we made sure that we found some good restaurants and had an excellent meal in Jake’s steakhouse in the evening. The next day after breakfast in the hotel and checking out, we had planned to go to a local trail angels place to wait till it had cooled off a bit before getting back on the trai, but on arrival we found a sign on the door saying he had recently had some hikers cause trouble and was unfortunately not able to continue to offer his help to others.
As it turned out though we were lucky with the weather as there was some cloud and a breeze, so decided to hitch back to the trailhead and were back on the PCT by 14.00 and managed 11 miles with a fair amount of incline by 19.00.
So now we’re into our final section before Kennedy Meadows and the start of the Sierra Nevadas, We have got heavier packs than normal now though do to a 7 day section, but definitely looking forward to putting the desert behind us now.
Thanks. Chris and Jake

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