Hiker town

Did the 10 miles into hiker town in the morning again trying to get it done before the desert heat builds too much, we got there after a lot of elevation change but before it got to hot, by 12 it would of been far too hot to be in the sun. We made the most of cold drinks and food at the cafe nearby while waiting for it too cool down. By about 6.30, 7 of us set out to night hike the LA Agua duct section though the Mojave desert, we did about 11 miles by about 11.30 leaving us about 6 to do in the morning to the next water source and shade from an underpass in the morning, which we reached by 8 o,clock. Two of the 7 decided that was as far as they would go as it was already getting hot, the other 5 decided to push on to a campsite with shade or the next water source with shade about 6 miles away, it certainly gave us a feel for what hiking in the Mojave desert was like, we were pleased to reach the water source before 12 and glad of a rest in the shade. We still needed to do 9.5 miles to a campsite with water which we did by leaving at 5 at getting there just before it started getting dark at 20.30. That left us 9.5 miles to get to the road to hitch into Tehachapi where we are now. It was our earliest start yet 5.30 to avoid the heat and make the most of this town, will resupply for next section ( about 6 to 7 days) and be back on trail soon. Kennedy meadows soon! Chris and Jake

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