Leaving Big Bear City

Definitely my favourite trail town so far, after a good nights sleep and not having to get up at 5 o’clock in a cold tent, we were in Denny’s for a high calorie pancake breakfast by 8, after that we packed our backpacks ready to go and made our way to the Outfitters and sporting goods store in Big Bear,there wasn’t that much hiker oriented stuff but I did get some trekking poles that I wanted to try using although not the best quality I should at least know if I would prefer using them. After that we have Linda a ring who had picked us up the previous day from the trailhead to see if we could get a lift back, she was there within 10 minutes (amazing women, the people we meet Big Best really couldn’t seem to do enough for the hikers) we tried to give her some money for fuel but she wouldn’t take any.
We were back on the trail for 11 and the best test site was 18 miles away which seemed a bit ambitious but the miles were some of easiest so far so we made by 7 o’clock, so that was some good mileage considering the late start. So on towards Deep Creek tomorrow.
Chris and Jake. Speak soon

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