On to Big Bear City

Our journey continued with a plan to cover twenty miles the day after Cabazon to leave us about 9 miles to Big Bear City the day after, unfortunately the elevation gain of about 8000 ft over 20 miles defeated us and we didn’t make the tent site we had hoped to ending up a mile short and camping in an area of burnt out forest ( it was only the next day we found out that people called the trees left standing there widow makers as the are unsafe due to the fire and have a habit of falling over on a regular basis) The next day we could see why people didn’t want to make the final miles ascent to the campsite we had planned to be at the day before as it took quite an effort just to do that, but at least the day got a bit easier after that and we made it to a descent site to pitch our tents, leaving us 10 miles into Big Bear City the next day, those 10 miles were quite straight forward and seemed to go quickly. Arriving at Highway 8 about 10 it was only a a couple of minutes before someone pulled up to drop some hikers of and offered us a lift into Big Bear, her name was Linda and just seemed to help hikers, even giving us her number and offering take us back to the trail the next day, fortunately we had her number as Jake had left his sunglasses and earphones in the back of her car, but she drove back as soon as he sent her a message.
The day has been spent getting cleaned up, doing washing, resuppling for the next stretch ( including picking up new trail shoes from the post office) and having two great meals in town ( surprising how much you can miss salad ) and finishing of the evening by watching Deadpool 2 at the cinema. Planning a good breakfast before getting back to the trail tomorrow. Towards Wrightwood
Speak soon. Chris and Jake.

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